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A range of specialist products dedicated to the steel industry. These heavy duty industrial tools suitable for sustained daily use. Pioneering dry cutting technology EvolutionSteel products are well established within the steel industry and enjoy a strong worldwide reputation.
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7-1/4" Steel Cutting Saw

The STEEL SAW 1 paved the way for TCT Steel Cutting Circular Saws and this groundbreaking machine is still classed as the standard in Steel Cutting technology. With a high power 1100-watt motor and generous 2-1/4" depth of cut, this well-established circular saw is a revolutionary machine.

The STEEL SAW 1 will cut mild steel quickly and cleanly, without heat, burrs or coolant. Its compact dimensions and light weight make it ideal for use either on or off site.

This superb industrial circular saw is tremendous value for money, providing a high performance through tough applications.

15" Steel Cutting Chop Saw

This superb Chop Saw cuts through mild steel without heat, burrs or coolant. Utilizing a powerful 2200-watt motor, the STEEL SAW 2 can handle even the most demanding everyday jobs.

The STEEL SAW 2 slices its way through mild steel with ease, the cut is extremely quick and clean. The cutting capacity is incredible too – 4-3/4” x 4-3/4” steel box section with a 1/4” wall thickness.

This no-nonsense machine is economical in its performance as well; typically a STEEL SAW 2 blade averages a jaw-dropping 1000 cuts in 2” x 2” mild steel with a wall thickness of 1/8”.

This saw is a true powerhouse and gives the end-user tremendous scope when it comes to cutting steel on a production basis.

9" Steel Cutting Saw

The STEEL SAW 5 displays incredible cutting capabilities through the toughest applications. The powerful 1750-watt motor allows this machine to breeze through mild steel without heat build-up, burrs or the use of coolant.

Features include a useful laser guide to assist with accurate cutting and bevel tilt enhancing the versatility of the saw.

The maximum cutting depth of cut is an amazing 3-5/16” whilst offering a cutting capacity of 1/2” plate thickness. It is economical in its performance too - typically a long-life blade cuts up to 87-1/2 yards of 1/4” steel plate.