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Heck Industries was established in 1966 as an inventor and manufacturer of unique cost saving metal working machinery.

We are the world leader in plate beveling machines.  We offer a complete line of

patented hand held bevellers, bench models and power feed machines.

All products are manufactured to the highest standards using state of the art

machining techniques. We are most proud of our strong customer support, customer service, and skilled representatives.

Models 7000/8000
Model 9000
Model 4000/5000
Model A186E
Pro-Series High Production Power Feed Beveling
Pneumatic Turbo Burr
VA-400 Bench Model
BB125 Fixed Angle Bench Model
BB27 Bench Model
Bevel-Mill VA400 BB125 Model BB27
Min. work piece thickness 1/16" - 1.75mm 1/8" - 3.2mm 3/16" - 4.7mm
Minimum bevel 0 0 0
Maximum bevel (B) 3/16" - 4.7mm 1/8" - 3.24mm 3/16" - 4.7mm
Bevel angle 15-45° fixed 45° fixed 45°
V-block length 18" - 454mm 12" -303mm 12" - 303mm
Number of inserts 6 6 flap disk
Motor 1hp 110 volt 1/2hp 110 volt 1/2hp 110 volt
Weight 70 lbs - 31kg 50lbs - 22kg 65 lbs - 30kg