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Slick-StikTM Lubricant is softer than other stick lubricants for easy application, providing superior adhesion to the tool, assuring thorough coverage. Use with ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Can be used with all Hougen cutters including Rotabroach Cutters for horizontal or overhead drilling.

RotaMagicTM Super Concentrated Cutting Fluid is water soluble, biodegrade cutting lubricant that yields a 10:1 ratio when mixed with water. RotaMagic extends tool life and cutter performance.

HMD505 & HMD508 Pressurized Coolant System

This Pressurized Coolant System is used for drilling when gravity feed coolant is not applicable. With the coolant bottle removed, the pressurized system easily attaches in its place. System's bottle holds two gallons of coolant.