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Kalamazoo Machine Tool is a market leader in metal cutting saws for industrial applications. 


Kalamazoo Machine Tool operates a 18,000sq foot facility where machines and parts are shipped daily.  12 district sales offices control over 300 local distributors.


Kalamazoo Bandsaws are proven manufacturing machines, Kalamazoo Cold saws are robust for the toughest jobs and our High Speed Circular Saws make non ferrous jobs a breeze.

H230 8" Manual Bandsaw
H275 10" Manual Bandsaw
H310M 10" Manual Bandsaw
H350M 12" Manual Bandsaw
H310SA 10" Semi-Auto Bandsaw
H350SA 12" Semi-Auto Bandsaw
KS450 14" Semi-Auto Bandsaw
KS600 20" Semi-Auto Bandsaw
H6 20" Semi-Auto Bandsaw
H310A 10" Automatic Bandsaw
H360A 12" Automatic Bandsaw
XT320A-NC 12" Automatic Bandsaw
H6A-NC 20" Automatic Bandsaw