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The Röntgen Metallsägen Company was founded in 1899 by Robert Röntgen and located in Remscheid, Germany, the center of the German tool manufacturing industry. The original business was based on the manufacture and distribution of metal cutting saw blades. Today after a century of industry leading product and process development, it is one of the most respected companies worldwide in the manufacture of bimetal bandsaw blades.

ROENTGEN has a strong reputation for the high quality and consistency of its products. This is backed up by strict conformity with the philosophy and procedures of ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Our modern and recently extended production plant and associated commercial and testing facilities put us at the forefront of the industry. Our long service and highly experienced and qualified staff is committed to the continuous improvement of the cutting performance and cost effectiveness of our product range.

Our bimetal product range provides comprehensive coverage of the blade widths, tooth geometries and pitches to address the broad spectrum of sawing applications. bi-alfa cobalt M42, bi-alfa Matrix2 and our specialized Master and RP variants satisfy even the most demanding cutting tasks.

At ROENTGEN we constantly search for innovative solutions to the needs of our customers both in terms of cost-benefit and technical support for new and challenging applications. Our family of committed distributors serves as a worldwide supply and support network ensuring that ROENTGEN is rarely more than a local phone or fax call away when a customer needs assistance.

For more specialized applications, particularly where high cutting rates on difficult materials are involved, ROENTGEN manufactures HM-Titan, a precision ground triple chip Tungsten Carbide tipped band saw blade. As an entrant to this market we have the benefit of the latest production plant and manufacturing techniques, which ensure a more consistent and resilient product.

To round off the ROENTGEN program, we manufacture a full range of the traditional carbon steel bandsaw blades. Type RRR flexback for non-ferrous and wood cutting and type RRR Plus for steel cutting.

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